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.45 ACP 185 Gr. SWC - 2500 Ct. (Case)

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    .45 ACP 185 Gr. SWC - Sized to .452 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    This is the lightest .45 ACP bullet we offer.

    2500 Count - Case

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    1. Excellent quality!

      Just finished shooting about 500 rounds of the 185gr SWC Polymer coated bullets that I reloaded on my Dillon 500B. The Hi-Tek polymer coating is excellent; no chipping and very consistent. Clean to handle and easy to reload; the reloading dies remained clean. They shot well and hit what I aimed at with very little smoke compared to the plain lead bullets. I am sold on this product and will continue to use Bayou Bullets in the future. on 27th Nov 2017

    2. ...once again, consistent, clean & accurate

      Having used tens of thousands of Bayou Bullets in .38 Spl, 9mm and .38 Super, I decided to try the 185 gr, .45 ACP semi-wadcutter. I little jockeying with overall length, powder selection, crimp and powder charges I have come to the conclusion that this is an excellent bullet, and accurate across a fairly broad range for target work.

      I have fired multiple groups less than 2" at 50 yds with this bullet using a quality gun, optics and sandbag rest. I think this bullet is capable of 1.5" at 50 yds. A standard that few bullets can achieve, costing 50% to nearly 100% more. Well done Bayou Bullets.
      on 27th Sep 2017

    3. These work very well for me

      I shoot these in a 1911 45. They make nice clean holes in the paper. Feed and cycle in the gun. The few I did find in the back stop sand were still completely covered in the polymer with the rifling marks crisp and clear. There was no lead in my barrel when I cleaned it. My experience has been 100% positive. on 20th Feb 2017

    4. Great bullets

      These bullets are just great. I have yet to find any fouling in my barrel after firing these. I currently use the 9mm, 10mm and .45 ACP. All run excellent thru all my pistols. on 18th Feb 2017

    5. great bullet!

      This is my first time using a coated bullet....coating and weight is consistant...clean to load, and my 650 loves 'em...haven't fired my test loads yet, but I'm sure they'll be fine...thanks Bayou! on 25th Jan 2017

    6. Gold in color AND performance

      Love these 185 gr. semiwadcutters. No greasy lube to mess with and they seem to be as accurate through my vintage S&W U. S. Army 1917 as the 200 gr. were. on 5th Dec 2016

    7. Great customer service.

      Received my Bayou Bullets in very short time. Had a small issue with the coating and contacted customer service. Dennis apologized and resolved the issue immediately. Bayou will receive my next order.

      Consistent weight on the bullets!

      Thanks for the great quality and excellent customer service
      on 24th Jul 2016

    8. If 1,ooo Bayous are great, 2500 have got be even better!

      I initially bought 1,000 of these bullets about 6 months ago. They shot great in my 1911, Model 625 5", and my Model 25-5 4". Trail Boss and this bullet are a real winner in the 45 Long Colt cartridge. Exceptional accuracy, no smoke, minimal (if any) lead fouling, and no lead exposure while while shooting or handling. One thing though- the coating on Bayou Bullets makes them feed like polished round nose FMJ bullets when chambering, but kind of hard to hold onto when getting them into my Dillon 550! Latex gloves solved that problem. John Knight, San Dimas, Calif. on 16th Apr 2016

    9. accurate, clean, good price, just awesome

      These are very accurate. These are very clean to handle and shoot. These are a good price. on 6th Nov 2015

    10. fast shiping

      they never let me down thats all i buy for years i get as many that will fit in a box and love it but my mail man does not and thats why i love to get the big box as often as i can!
      on 18th Aug 2015

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