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.45 ACP 230 Gr. RN - 2000 Ct. (Case)

65.72 LBS
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    .45 ACP 230 Gr. RN - Sized to .452 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    The most popular 45 ACP bullet we offer, popular in USPSA, IDPAwith both semi auto and revolver shooters alike.

    2000 Count - Case

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    1. Always a Solid performer and consistant specs

      I've tried others and keep coming back to Bayou's tips, I am gonna stick with the best!! on 9th Dec 2017

    2. 45 acp 230 gn

      I like them, fingers don't get full of lead due to coating. Returning customer who has to use CMJ on the police indoor range I shoot on. Been shooting outdoors on steel and using Bayou Bullets.

      on 16th Sep 2017

    3. Great 230 Gr 45 ACP Bullets -

      Exactly as advertised. Received within 4 days of placing order.
      They don't lead the barrel. Will buy more soon.
      on 15th Jul 2017

    4. The best value

      You cannot find a better bullet for the money. on 23rd Jun 2017

    5. Clean, Consistent Performer

      I have shot thousands of the 230 grain Bayou Bullets. They are by far my favorite bullet for all calibers. They are clean to handle, they are clean to load and best of all the leave virtually no lead in the barrel. I shoot major matches on occasion so I inspect my bullets pretty close before a big match. Not only are they blemish free but the weight of the bullets are the most consistent that I have every run across.I have never had a lite bullet when they are checked at the chrono stage of a big match!! on 7th Jun 2017


      Outstanding this is my 2nd order. on 11th Apr 2017

    7. Surprisingly Impressed

      I have been reloading for years: lead, plated and jacketed bullets. Since I shoot around 300 rounds per range visit it made sense to try these coated bullets. Research indicated less leading and less smoke. I purchased a case of 45 acp, loaded up 50 each with my favorite LRN load: 4.9 Gr Bullseye, seated at 1.2425 and crimped at .470 and fired through my 5" KIMBER Team Match 2 1911 @ 15 yards. Immediately noticed that there was very little smoke and grouping at 2" so backed up to 25 yards and shot my dualing tree with 6" plates and was pleased to see they impacted exactly where I placed my front sight. Out of my 8 round mags, I averaged 6 hits out of 8 each time. Went home and loaded up 300 more rounds and went back the next day with three friends. We shot these rounds through 4" KIMBER 1911, 5" Springfield 1911 and a 4" Glock. We were all pleased with the very noticeable reduction in smoke. None of us noticed any odor as others have mentioned (it was an outdoor range though but no wind). The barrels showed no indication of leading. We collected several of the spent rounds and found only two, that had impacted on the AR500 plates, that had chipped off the coating on the bottom. All the others appeared to be fully coated ( at least- what was left of the bullet). This would account for the lack of smoke. We did not chronograph at that time but will do next opportunity.
      The price was $53 less than jacketed from Everglades ammo and only $35 more than lead per case of 2000. For the trade off of less leading and less smoke and no loss of accuracy, we all agreed they are our new practice round. I weighed 10 ea. out of the box and found 229.9 to 232.3 variance to be acceptable.
      on 4th Apr 2017

    8. great bullet, very

      Great bullet, the slick coating helps keep the barrel fro leading. on 3rd Mar 2017

    9. Great bullets will use nothing but Bayou

      Been using these bullets for years have shot over 40,000 in different calibers they are the best ! No leading problems after 1000 rounds on 31st Jan 2017

    10. Great product

      I have loaded and shot several thousand of these bullets and I have to say they are great ! In the past I shot locally made non coated lead and had trouble loading , feeding and leading of my barrel. A while back I did some research and decided to try Bayou Bullets. Wow, what a difference ! No problems loading , feed really well and absolutely no leading of barrel. Also like the smell when shot, kind of like melting crayons lol !!! Bayou Bullets definitely has my business for life. on 30th Jan 2017

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