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9mm 120 Gr. TCG - 100 Ct.

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    9mm 120 Gr. TCG - Sized to .356 (Typical) Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    A grooveless truncated cone bullet that is accurate and reliable.

    100 Count Sample Pack

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    1. fantastic customer service

      Ordered the bullets to try out did not have a load so I called bb and was given a number for Dennis . I called no answer he was busy within 10min I was called back and given great info that was very helpfull in this day and age things like that go a looooong way. Thank you. By the way the bullets shoot great. on 22nd Aug 2018

    2. Very accurate!

      These Bayou Bullets are the best! Have been loading several different types of bullets in this weight range. Cast shot well but the gun was such a mess to clean as well as gumming up seating dies in the press. Plated bullets were clean but never seemed to shoot as well and shorter bullets were very sensitive to getting a good crimp, especially with range brass. Someone had mentioned shooting a Hi-Tek coating and getting very favorable results with accuracy as well as the gun being easy to clean and little to no smoke. I purchased several hundred Bayou Bullet sample packs including the 120 Gr. They shot very well out of my CZ's. These bullets give excellent accuracy and are dream to reload. I use a Mr. Bullet Bullet Feeder and these bullets feed just fine through it! on 8th Mar 2018

    3. Great bullets!

      I have been having problems with these rounds and have been talking to Dennis about how to properly load these and different things to try to get these bullets working. I love the coating on these especially for shooting steel because of ricochets. The customer service is fantastic and Dennis is very helpful. on 16th Aug 2017

    4. 5 star customer service

      Customer service is excellent. I ordered a sample pack of 100 bullets to try them out. They were shipped the same day as ordered, that was followed up by an email to check if I had any questions or concerns about the product. The bullets load easy and are accurate, first time with coated bullets. Plan to reorder. on 28th May 2017

    5. very accurate in my XDm

      I got a sample pack of 100, and these proved very accurate in my XDm shooting groups at 35 yards (3.6 grains Bullseye, OAL 1.13"), so I ordered a case. I plan on using these for USPSA and IDPA in 2017. on 5th Mar 2017

    6. Accurate

      I believe that my groups are tighter with these coated bullets. I also got the setup right so that there is practically no scraping of the coating when reloading with these bullets. I almost gave up on these because of the scraping during bullet seating, which caused a lot of time spent in removing the scrapings from around the cartridge so that they would seat properly in the chamber. WIth the proper amount of flare and making sure the seating die does not excessively crimp, and then using the Lee factory crimp die, there is no scraping. I highly recommend Bayou Bullets. on 7th Feb 2017

    7. first time buyer

      These were great! I've had trouble loading other cast bullets, but loading these went as smooth as ice. 4.1 of Unique powder shooting out of a pt709 and they tracked perfectly. Will be ordering plus some 380, 40 and 45. on 16th Dec 2016

    8. 9mm 124 Gr. TCG

      Wow, Amazing bullets, Great job with coating and the ease of loading is a plus. Bought a sample bag of 100 and loaded them with Titegroup and WST. Function was flawless in 5 different 9mm platforms I used. They were faster than the plated Extreme and Berry bullets I normally use. Excellent accuracy. Next order will be a bunch of different flavors to shoot up. Thanks for the great bullets guys. Im a customer for good now.

      on 25th Nov 2016

    9. finally found it

      Been looking for an accurate and economical bullet for 9 mm for about a year now. Tried 5 well know companies both cast and plated. Tried many different bullet profiles. Never got accuracy and economy I was looking for. I ordered 100 of the 124 gn tc. Loaded up my first batch with my favorite 9mm powder and went to my range behind my house. I shoot 3 groups from a 20 yd rest. Each group was under an inch with two of the groups close to 0.50 in. My dan wesson valor had no trouble with them. Little or no smoke and my barrel looked great after shooting. I think I've found what I was searching for. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks for a great bullet

      on 10th May 2016



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