I am extremely satisfied with Bayou Bullets; they're clean, consistent, accurate, and smoke-free. When I reach for a cast bullet, its a Bayou Bullet. All the benefits of jacketed bullets with cast bullet prices. A very satisfied customer. - Jerry Miculek

Donnie, I'm a new user of your HI-TEK-LUBE Bullet Coating and I cannot believe what I did not see in my barrels.  No lead at all.  My son and I fired around 400 rounds of cast and coated 38 specials in total.  A little dirtier than usual but just as easy a cleaning. Does smell a little indoors, though no smoke at all.  I am impressed.  Here comes, .44, .45, 9mm, 10mm. - Rick Kassel

Donnie, I recieved the 225 gr FP 45 ACP bullets. Made up 100 and shot a match with them. Let me tell you buddy, the gun ran fine, as accurate as always and never missed a beat. Fast shipment to me and the price works also. (Think I got them in 3 days.) You will be getting more of my business. Thanks again, Mike Merkler

Mr. Miculek, I've been using Bayou Bullets for the last several months. Using your product, I have had great improvements in accuracy and consistency of my shot groups, the bullets feed and perform perfectly with little to no residue in the barrel. This has translated into several GSSF wins this year. I will definitely be a return customer, thank for the outstanding customer service and a wonderful product. - William Hill

Here's some testing I did today with an XDm at 25 yards using a cheap rest. I'm an old guy, 56, with poor eye sight and I'm not too good of a shot. The Power Pistol load was VERY stout, flames out of the barrel and smoked real heavily with the S&S and BBI bullets. The Tight Group load smoked with the S&S and BBI bullets. The coating on your new bullet is great! I will be ordering some soon. Thanks, Steve Filla

Mr. Miculek, I finally was able to get my Dillon set back up for .45ACP and loaded up some of the 230gr RN bullets you sent me to test through my Thompson. It went well as the attached video shows. We will be ordering more of these plus 9mm, .40 and some 200gr SWC .45s in the near future. Nice bullets. No leading apparent after cleaning the Thompson- just a lot of carbon from the HP38 (I assume the smoke from the video shows up but it does that after shooting FMJs too- probably the powder choice.) I'm using 5.2 grains of HP38 and the weapon functions flawlessly. Average velocity is around 875fps. Hope this answers the question of if they will operate and not lead up a SMG- I'm happy. Lee Palmer

I've been loading Bayou Bullets for two years now. The consistency of the bullets are most noteworthy. Having used the 147gr for 9mm and 200gr for 40 caliber, I couldn't be more pleased. The new coating not only looks better, but I also noticed that the bullets cycle through my loading dies easier. All the benefits of a lead bullet without the barrel fouling, smoke, dirty hands and press. Did I mention how clean and SMOKELESS they are? Lastly, the coating is resilient enough to take a final pass through my sizing and crimp dies without so much as a scratch or crack. The personal service and genuine care Mr. Donnie gives to his customers is unsurpassed. I give Bayou Bullets my highest recommendation and encourage you to join me as a satisfied customer. - Woody L

Bayou Bullets smoke SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than the moly-coated ones I've used before. The only noticed smoke was when looking at my son shoot and it was MINIMAL. When shooting, it is not noticeable.  So, if you keep making them, I'll keep buying them.  I'm looking forward to try them in my 40 and 45. Happy customer! - Nelson

I'M VERY HAPPY WITH BAYOU BULLETS!! Not only are we very close to the power factor we want with less powder but we also get the following benefits: - Bayou Bullets don't stain our fingers when loading them! - Bayou Bullets leave less residue in the pistol's barrel.

I'm a huge fan of Bayou Bullets. Donnie is making a great bullet for a great price. The customer service is top notch. If you haven't tried Bayou Bullets yet, your missing out. - Adam White

With the myriad of bullet manufacturers in the market today, my choice for the past two years has been and will remain Bayou Bullets. The quality and accuracy remains consistent throughout the multiple calibers and bullet weights that I use, not to mention that Bayou Bullets are the cleanest that I have ever used, the only residue I ever find in my guns is powder residue. As far as pricing, no other manufacturer is competitive with Bayou Bullets. - Darryl Fury

I started using Bayou Bullets 3 years ago and I love them! They do not lead my barrels like other cast bullets, especially in my revolver.  Another thing I really like is the lack of smoke. I was shooting a match one morning using uncoated cast lead bullets and had had to pause shooting because I could no longer see the target, this does not happen with Bayou Bullets. The name on the box says Bayou Bullets, I just call them super green. - Jerry Moreau

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