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.44 Caliber 215 Gr. SWC - 500 Ct.

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    .44 Caliber 215 Gr. SWC - Sized to .430 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    A lighter/softer shooting version of the popular 240 SWC

    500 Count

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    1. .44 Special CA Bulldog

      This is the weight bullet you want for your 3" Charter Arms Bulldog.
      They will shoot to poa with near perfect elevation at the velocities you want in this light revolver.
      This light SWC bullet is becoming very hard to find.
      on 5th Dec 2019

    2. Great Coating

      The coating works great for not leading up the barrel. Reloading was no problem with this bullet. on 30th Oct 2018

    3. Excellent Projectile

      This polymer-coated .44-caliber projectile is an odd weight (215 gr; SWC), but I simply extrapolated charge weights of three powders (Unique, HS-6 and Bullseye), and all three performed quite well. I had good accuracy with a lever long-gun chambered in .44-mag, and came home with a relatively clean bore (just powder residue; little or no leading) at the end of the day. Clean-up was a breeze.

      I'll get more without hesitation. Thanks for a good product.
      on 14th Mar 2015

    4. as good as most jacketed bullets & better than some

      I've been shooting S&W mod. 29's & 629's 44 mags since 1957. I used sierra jacketed bullets until several years ago, but thanks to our incompetent leader's in wash D.C. I could no longer afford them. I have been using PENN bullets they make a fine cast bullet, the best in my opinion, but they are exposed lead and use a fine lube. they shoot great, but they require a lot of clean up after loading and shooting. an idp shooter told me about these coated bullets he shoots them in his 9mm glock in idpa no leading. I ordered 500 240 gr gold bullets to test, using my S&W mod 229-5 44 mag. I loaded up 100 rnds using 3 powder's fast-med-slow burning unique-2400-imr4227. velocities low to high=978 to1487. (WOW) no leading bore clean. ran a oil patch thru just a little powder residue ran a dry patch came out clean,look down bore with lite looked like new.(this old man is impressed) i justed ordered 1500 215gr gold bullets,clean loading & them........... on 28th Jun 2014

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