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.45 ACP 225 Gr. TC

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    .45 ACP 225 Gr. TC - Sized to .452 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    A great design that is accurate and feeds well in semi autos.

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    1. My go-to round for practice and self-training

      This 225LTC is simple to load well and accurately. The straight shank behind the cone allows for easy experimenting with OAL for individual chambers that may differ from one another as you search for that 'perfect OAL' for a given barrel. I get the smallest groups from my [given] loads using this bullet. Give it a try: you might find it's fun to use! on 28th Nov 2023

    2. Great feeding

      I used a bullet with the same profile that was discontinued. I gave these a chance and am glad I did. They function great in both my 1911 and 2011 pistols. When I called with questions the owner answered the phone and was very helpful. I will continue to order these 225grn bullet. on 19th Aug 2023

    3. Great design .45 ACP bullet

      If anything can feed MORE reliably than this .45 225 gr TC bullet, I'd like to see it. This design bullet is near perfection in an auto pistol - IMHO, even better than FMJ, aka 'hardball'.

      Accurate, makes defined round holes in paper targets. Shoots very clean.
      At one time Hornady offered the 230 gr FMJ-TC and it became a favorite of Col. Jeff Cooper. Hornady discontinued the design.
      This is it's re-creation, just in hard cast/polymer coated form.
      on 18th May 2023

    4. Great design .45 ACP bullet

      IF there's a better .45 'standard' bullet out there than the 230 gr FMJ 'Ball' - this is it.
      If anything it feeds even better than GI type Ball ammo if that's possible.
      Very accurate in a wide variety of .45's I've tried - everything from little Kimber UC II's to carbines.
      The Truncated Cone design in .45, once offered in a FMJ by Hornady was touted as one of Col. Jeff Cooper's favorites in several of his writings. The flat meplat tends to always be more effective on live targets than standard RN offerings.

      Polymer coat is uniform and clean shooting.
      This has become my go-to bullet for everything .45 ACP.
      Don't need to, but would feel fine even using these for SD loads, loading them to the standard range of ~850-900 fps.

      on 29th Mar 2023

    5. My 45's love em

      Excellent Feeding in all my 45's, pretty much all I load when not using SWC's on 11th Feb 2023

    6. Clean and reliable

      Have been using this bullet for years. It is a clean, non leading bullet which produces great accuracy and reliability. I am a frequent competitor in both local and national matches and am very happy to continue with this product. Thanks to the folks at Bayou! on 10th Feb 2023

    7. Appear well made

      Just got these and haven't had a chance to load any yet. They weigh consistently after sampling a dozen or so. Uniform with no parting lines or surface inconsistencies. Coating seems durable. Overall they look good. Just trying to find some load data for them. I want to use them for woods carry. on 7th Feb 2023

    8. very nice product

      Very nice looking product. First time buying this weight bullet and haven't loaded any yet but, have loaded 200 Gr. SWC and am expecting these to shoot just as accurately! on 20th Sep 2022

    9. My favorite 45 Auto bullet!

      I started out with 100 of these to test them. Now, thousands of them later, they are easily my favorite and have proven to be the most accurate when I set them at an OAL for each pistol's chamber, like 'custom' ammo might be made. I don't lube them, and they don't seem to need it: the barrel stays clean of residue except from the powders used. During the 'pandemic' I tried some other coated bullets until my order from here came, but found myself disappointed by them: I think these bullets have spoiled me?
      on 29th Jul 2022

    10. My new favorite 45acp bullets.

      Just shot my first batch of TC bullets, they feed really well and punch a nice clean hole in paper. I will be ordering more. Thanks Bayou Bullets. on 27th Jul 2022

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