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9mm 147 Gr. FP

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    9mm 147 Gr. FP - Sized to .356 (Typical) Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    One of our most popular offerings in 9mm, a great bullet for IDPA and USPSA shooters alike.

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    1. Affordable quality bullet

      Been using these bullets for a few years now in competition. High quality, consistent weights and affordable with little to no fouling.
      on 18th May 2020

    2. These are my favorite of the 147s

      I’ve been using these for the past 6/7 years and prefer them over all the other 147 profiles out there. Over the past 2 yrs, I’ve been loading them with 3.2 grs Sport Pistol at 1.135” and they run around 131PF out of my G34G5. Super soft shooting! on 15th May 2020

    3. Extreamly Good Bullets

      Have used them for years. I shoot action pistol and use the 147 gr 9mm. They have proved to be very accurate and work fine in my 9mm pistols. When I clean the guns, I do not find any sign of leading or the coating in the bore. I also use them in my .40 and .45 plinking ammo and they have worked well. Would recommend to anyone. on 2nd May 2020

    4. Sharing the Love...

      Nothing but praise for Dennis & Bayou products.
      Want to share chrono data from trip to range this week.
      Shooting a S&W 929. Using TiteGroup, Federal Match Primers, and COAL of 1.145.
      Average values given for 16 shots each:

      2.6 gns - 803 fps, 118 PF, 13 fps std dev.
      2.8 gns - 824 fps, 121 PF, 19 fps std dev
      3.0 gns - 870 fps, 127 PF, 16 fps std dev
      3.2 gns - 937 fps, 137 PF, 17 fps std dev (from previous data collected)

      Also want to note that the 2.8 gn and above loads cycled my CZ P-01 flawlessly.
      Didn't try, but no reason to think that the 2.6 load would have worked equally well.

      Still lots to learn... but wanted to share what my experiences so far.
      My primary handgun game is Steel Challenge... looking for the best balance...
      All loads shot with the same level of accuracy at 25 to 30 yds.
      Pretty sure I'll be carrying 2.6 gn loads pushing Bayou 147s at the next sanctioned event.
      on 18th Apr 2020

    5. 147gr FP 9mm bullets

      Easy to load, accurate and consistent.
      700X easily make PF.
      on 11th Mar 2020

    6. My go to for both price and quality

      I've been buying 3/4k of the 9mm 147 gr fn every month for the at least the last 3 years. Great product, great price and great service on 13th Feb 2020

    7. Good quality at a good price

      I have bought at least 7000 rounds a year since January 2015. I shoot mostly 9mm 147 gr flat points with VV320 powder, this gives me a very consistent and accurate load. on 25th Jan 2020

    8. works great for me

      I load either 3.3 W 231 or 4.3 HS -6 powder with OAL at 1.35 and they go exactly 850 FPS from glock 34 and Sig P 320 X5 to make minor PF. Accurate out to 50 yards for me. No need to load anything else. on 23rd Jan 2020

    9. Same as they always been

      Between my lovely bride and I, we go 4500 a month. We could not ask for a more consistent quality bullet. (9mm 147gr fp). It gets a five star rating all day. My only recent change is, Dennis is selling so many I find I have to order sooner than I was used to.
      Out standing product and outstanding customer service.
      on 20th Jan 2020

    10. Excellent consistency

      Great product.. Very accurate and keeps the barrel clean :-) on 6th Jan 2020

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